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Monday, March 7, 2011

More Baby Blankets

Are you bored yet?  Sorry.  Just have to show you some of the latest.  I've got a nice little market going for these blankies.  It's Spring and all these baby showers are going on.  Who wouldn't love a homemade, gorgeous blanket at their baby shower?  I loved the homemade things the best when my babies were born.

This pretty flower blanket is one I did before I got the embroidery machine.  I love the happy little flowery fleece.  It's got kind of a retro feel, you know?  I did a crochet scallop along the edge with variegated yarn.  It's really soft and cuddly.  The hand embroidery was so-so.   I much prefer my machine, as I'm sure you guessed.

This blue beauty is a present for my daughter's friend who lives next store.  I"m ashamed to say her birthday was the middle of February, and I just finished it last night.  Our neighbors are the best and totally understanding.  In February I worked crazy hours and just did not have the time, so I know they understand.    Plus this one is quite a bit bigger than a baby blanket, so it took quite a bit longer.

On this blanket I used another variegated yard with blues and teals.  I love the wintry, elegant feel of this fleece pattern.  So gorgeous! Do you see the initials I embroidered?  They are a pansy motif and turned out pretty.  My daughter's friend seemed to really like it.

I learned a lot this weekend with the embroidery machine, such as the fact that stabilizer on the back of the fleece is a must, otherwise the pattern just sinks away into the nap of the fabric.  And that T shirts area a lot harder to embroider than I thought.  One ruined T shirt later I am trying different stabilizers to see what works best.  I'll keep you posted!


Kim said...

NOT bored- I love it! Post away- I want to know all about this wonderful new machine and what you are learning!

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

This is a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great works as well!...Daniel