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Friday, February 27, 2009

Joseph Angel House Mystery - Part II

Mystery solved! Well, maybe. The whole quest to find the "real" Joseph Angel house has come down to the answer from the designer himself, Mr. Ronald Clanton. He responded to my email yesterday.

And the answer is (drum roll please!) there is no actual Joseph P Angel House. Can you believe it? All this speculation and there is no real Joseph Angel house.

The full name of the house was "The Captain Joseph P. Angel House." Mr. Angel was a real person and the first to ask Victorian Times to build and finish this house for him. He was the franchise owner of the Burger King in North Portland.

The house came from Mr. Clanton's imagination, but was fashioned after two or three old Victorians around the Northwest. He says he finished this house in many ways for many movie stars, inside and out for about $15,000. to $22,000 with all the little details anyone could ask for.

What a nice email he sent me! I am really excited to have been able to chat, at least in email, with him.

I only have one more question which I can't quite figure out. From what I have been told, Clell Boyce was the original owner of Victorian Times and Ronald Clanton bought him out. If the Joseph P Angel House was designed by Ronald Clanton, how is it that some of the ones out there (like mine) are signed by Clell Boyce? Did they work together for a time? I certainly don't mean any disrespect by any of this speculation. I'm pretty sure I am just missing a detail that would clear it all up.

So maybe the mystery is not totally solved. I'm still looking to the Johan Poulsen House for inspiration. But as to getting answers, well, back on the treasure hunt we go!


Laura Dennis said...

Thanks for the info. I have the same house but new nothing about it.

Unknown said...

Hello, My name is Matthew C. Maurais, owner of Maurais Miniatures and Maurais Productions. I just came across your Joseph Angel House story and wanted to fill in some of your blanks. I own 3 of Clell's houses, the Joseph Angel, the Josiah Golden, and the Mary Goodell house. I have one of the rarest Joseph Angel houses created by Clell. It is a custom version of the house which has the rooms widened out to a full 12" each, as to be closer to a real Victorian houses room dimensions. It is fitted with original Derek Perkins windows, that were created just for this house. It has a design board that has original plans and design detail drawings. Clell was the one who created this house and did two houses for the owner of Burgerville. I studied with the woman who was his assistant and did allot of the finish work on them. No, the house does not exist in reality, but is designed off the profile of a few houses. The side view of the Flavel house in Astoria Oregon is an close match along with the Poulson House. The Lion and the Rose Victorian B&B on 15th street has a profile match as well. The closest house to match, which is located in the West Hills at the end of SW 13th street, most closely matches the description given by Clell for where the house was. I used to live just down the street from this house and saw the match right off. All of his houses are made up. The Lacamas Lake house for example in no way matches the real house. The real house is a tower house. He designed all of these houses and made up stories to go with them. He tried to match some details on them to similar houses in his story description area, but they are not the same. I did the same search years ago for the Joseph Angel house and never found a real house then either. I am a Victorian Historian and know pretty much every structure built in the Portland area in the late 1800's. The Poulson house, like you have shown, is probably the most visible representation of this great miniature house. If you would like some pictures of my houses, let me know and I can send some for your great website. All the best, Matthew C. Maurais

Clell Boyce said...

I'm not sure when and where all of the actual facts got so messed up about my houses. If you are interested in truth you should ask MEMYSELFANDI because he is the only one who knows the real facts.
Clell Boyce

Tiffany said...

Clell, would love to hear the real story. If you would tell me the real info I will gladly share it! Thank you!